European Blockchain Platform Stratumn receives 600.000 Euro

Stratumn is the first French company in the blockchain industry to receive a hefty financial injection of 600,000 euros. The money will be used to further develop and promote the platform.

The financing round was led by the French venture capitalist Otium Capital. Among others, Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque was also involved. The cash injection allows the platform to grow from 5 to 12 employees and to further expand its position as a leading company for blockchain solutions in France and Europe.

Stratumn was founded in Paris by the Californian software engineer Richard Caetano and Stephan Florquin – both have been working with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology since 2011. Previously, Caetano developed the well-known Bitcointicker App btcReport and wrote the book „Learning Bitcoin“. Floriquin was previously Chief Developer at Paymium, one of the leading French Bitcoin exchanges.

Stratumn CEO Caetano explains what led him to establish his Bitcoin evolution company in Paris

The fertility of the French startup scene, the quality of the engineers and the support of the public institutions have made France an ideal place for my startup:

The Blockchain protocol first appeared in the course of the Bitcoin evolution publication of the digital currency Bitcoin in 2009. The technology allows decentralised databases that are infallible and transparent. With the latest computer technology, the blockchain has the potential to turn entire sectors such as the financial sector, the public sector, the health sector or the art industry upside down.

Stratumn gives companies simplified access to the technology and helps developers integrate Bitcoin and Blockchain solutions into their own businesses. The platform offers its own API interface and a variety of tools, including:

the irrefutable proof of the existence of documents
the safeguarding of business processes
as well as the output of digital valuables
The startup has also developed its own standard called Chainscript. This is used to record data and workflows and at the same time uses the ability of the blockchain to generate digital fingerprints to create unchangeable evidence for the existence of documents.

The Platform As a Service (PaaS) provides flexible pricing for individual developers or large enterprises

„Stratumn is the first French company to offer a solid blockchain developer product. The PaaS platform offers many opportunities for business process management,“ says ledger CEO Éric Larchevêque.

„The ability to build trust without an intermediary central authority has the potential to influence entire industries. Many will wonder what raison d’être some companies have, whose only task so far has been to provide the necessary trust as a third party,“ said Bruno Raillard, Partner at Otium Venture.

Developers interested in the Stratumn API can submit a request for an invitation to the platform on So far, an invitation only works with Invite-Only.